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Idaho rest areas are typically roadside facilities that provide, parking at a minimum. Although some may have picnic areas. There are some that have even have dump station facilities, where RVers may empty their sewage holding tanks.

They are mainly maintained by the Idaho Department of Transportation. Some may be closed due to maintenance issues, its always best to have an alternate rest stop just in case.

Idaho State Rest Area Map

NOTE: No Overnight Stays or RV Dump Stations at any Idaho Rest Areas site will be expanding soon.

Thank you for your patience while we create this unique travel website for the State of Idaho.

Restrooms available at this rest area Litter Containers available at this rest area Water available at this rest area Picnic area facility at rest area Phone available at this rest area WiFi available at this rest area Handicap access available at this rest area RV dump station available at this rest area

Idaho State Rest Area List


Milepost 28 - Lenore
Milepost 174 - Lolo Pass


Milepost 7 - Cherry Creek Northbound
Milepost 25 - Malad Summit Southbound
Milepost 47 - Oasis Partnership at Flying J Truck Stop
Milepost 101 - North Blackfoot Northbound
Milepost 101 - North Blackfoot Southbound
Milepost 167 - Dubois


Milepost 178 - Timmerman Junction
Milepost 265 - Big Lost River


Milepost 265 - Big Lost River
Milepost 357 - Clark Hill


Milepost 184 - Hagerman


Milepost 1 - Snake River View Eastbound
Milepost 62 - Blacks Creek Westbound
Milepost 62 - Blacks Creek Eastbound
Milepost 133 - Bliss Westbound
Milepost 133 - Bliss Eastbound
Milepost 171 - Junction US 93 Eastbound
Milepost 229 - Cotterell Westbound
Milepost 229 - Cotterell Eastbound
Milepost 269 - Juniper Westbound
Milepost 269 - Juniper Eastbound


Milepost 19 - Coldwater Hill Eastbound
Milepost 31 - Massacre Rocks Westbound


Milepost 8 - Huetter Westbound
Milepost 8 - Huetter Eastbound


Milepost 351 - Lost Trail Pass


Milepost 101 - Midvale Hill
Milepost 189 - Sheep Creek
Milepost 278 - Winchester
Milepost 371 - Mineral Mountain

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